Do You Have a Good Pair of Lungs? Practical Pointers for Respiratory Health – Virtual


The fall often prompts an increase in flu, COVID and pneumonia.  Discover strategies to good respiratory health, various lung conditions including cancer, causes of lung cancer, risk factors, diagnostic tools and the latest treatments, including video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) and robotic-assisted thoracic surgery (RATS). Lee Gerson, MD, thoracic surgeon Alpeshkumar Bavishi, MD, pulmonologist   To …

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Is Your Joint Health Weighing on You? – Virtual


Understand the body mass index (BMI), the impact of weight on joint health, the various causes of joint deterioration, the benefits of weight loss, strategies to loss weight and strengthen joints such as physical therapy, diagnosis and treatment options including bariatic and joint replacement surgery. Marcella O’Herlihy, RN, BSN, total joint coordinator Sandra Calado, MSN, …

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Sickle Cell Disease: It’s All in the Blood


Understand sickle cell disease, the various types, risk factors, causes, signs & symptoms, the difference between sickle cell anemia and sickle cell disease, diagnostic tools and the latest treatments, including the importance of medication management. Learn about programs for sickle cell patients and hear one patient’s story on how she overcame limitations to live a …

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The Hispanic Medical Program: Meeting Needs of Our Diverse Communities


During this webinar, understand the health disparities of the Hispanic community, how their needs differ from others, barriers to care and services this new medical program provides. Sejal Dave Sharma, director of business development   To register, visit: Offered in collaboration with Friends Health Connection.

Great American Smoke-Out


In collaboration with RWJ Barnabas Health Institute for Prevention and Recovery, Nicotine and Tobacco Recovery Program and RWJ University Hospital Somerset,  join us for the Great American Smoke Out to learn strategies for stopping tobacco use, including vaping, and how to access FREE quit services through our quit center. You will also have the opportunity …

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Weight-Loss Surgery Seminar


Have you been unsuccessful at keeping the weight off? Weight loss surgery may be the right choice for you.  But how do you know if you qualify and which procedure is your best option?  Join bariatric surgeons at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset for free seminars to learn about your weight lost surgery options, …

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PrEP for World Aids Day


Understand acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), the signs & symptoms, causes, modes of transmission, diagnosis, treatments and prevention strategies including the benefits of PrEP. Sameh Abdelaal, MD, infectious disease Shayne Judge, PrEP counselor   To register, visit 

At the Core of Your Health: The Benefits of Pelvic Floor Exercises


Discover the various conditions which stem from weak core muscles, signs, causes, diagnosis and treatments, including pelvic floor exercises.  Understand the benefits of pelvic floor exercises, the types of exercises, who’s an ideal candidate and if a referral is required. Ashwini Korgaonkar, PT, physical therapist Neel Shah, MD, urologist To register, visit 

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