Walk, Run, or Hike

To the store, to work, around your neighborhood, with your dog, with your family, in the mall, on a treadmill, in a park, in the woods, or even up a mountain!

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Join a Fitness Facility

Search online to find a facility that suits your needs, take aerobics or fitness classes, use the weight machines, meet with a personal trainer.


Laps, water aerobics, or just for fun.  Swimming locations can be found in fitness facilities, town pools, lakes, rivers, and even the ocean!


Soccer, football, track, lacrosse, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, field hockey, volley ball… any sport you like!


On your own, with your friends, with a partner, with a video, in a class, anywhere!  Look online for dance studios and classes near you.


Relax your mind while strengthening your muscles, stretching your body, and improving your balance.  At home, in a class, or with a video yoga is great for getting physical activity while reducing stress.


For fun or as a means of transportation, map out a safe bike route to your work or school.

Fitness Videos

Easy to do in your own living room!  Videos are available for all kinds of exercise – aerobics, dance, yoga, “boot camp,” strength training, you name it.  Get them online, on Netflix, in the video store, or at the library.

Daily Routine Fitness

Take the stairs whenever possible, park far away, walk during your lunch break, keep your abdominal tight throughout the day, anything you can do that incorporates movement and physical activity into your daily life.

Additional Resources for Finding Ways to be Physically Active