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NJ Health Initiatives (2016-2020)

A 4-year, $200,000 grant funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.“Building Bridges to Health” will support current health programs in Bound Brook and South Bound Brook, including farmers’ markets, walkability, health services for children and adults, after-school programs, and community health education. The Bound Brooks Initiative will address healthcare concerns including access to healthier food options, transportation, and access to medical coverage.  

The Bound Brooks Initiative is supported by these Healthier Somerset coalition members:


Daniel J. Puntillo of Somerville serves as Community Coach for the Initiative. The team will work closely with community organizations, including faith-based organizations, schools and community businesses.  

In the first year of the grant period, $50,000 will be awarded for team members to participate in a Boundary Spanning Leadership Institute to develop tools and build skills to work on multi-faceted community issues, culminating in the development of an action plan to collectively address the most pressing needs of the communities.

Through this process the team will develop a blueprint for action, an inclusive plan to make the communities healthier places to live. The additional $150,000 of the grant will be used to carry out the work defined in the blueprint over the next 3 years.

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>> Read the Blueprint for Action.