Working to make SOMERSET the HEALTHIEST County in New Jersey.

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What is Healthier Somerset?

Healthier Somerset is a coalition created to improve the health and well-being of everyone who lives and works in Somerset County. We promote healthy lifestyles through collaboration among our partners. The mission of the coalition is to work collaboratively to improve the health and well-being of all who live and work in Somerset County. By sharing information and creating alliances among individuals and organizations who are working toward mutual goals, we can collectively increase our efforts to create a healthier Somerset.

What is Healthier Somerset’s mission?

Healthier Somerset’s goal is to make Somerset County the healthiest county in New Jersey. Our strategic goals are to engage those who live and work in Somerset County in active participation in good health habits; increase access to choices that promote healthy lifestyles; and promote policy that improves the physical, mental, and economic health and wellbeing of all who live and work in Somerset County.

What are the benefits of a healthy community?

A healthy community produces many benefits for everyone.  Individuals improve their lives and wellbeing with good health habits.  Healthy workplaces reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism and promotes improved productivity and performance. Communities enjoy enhanced economic benefits from the desirability of a location where people want to live and work.

Who should join Healthier Somerset?

Healthier Somerset includes representatives from businesses, healthcare, education, faith-based communities, non-profit organizations, local and county government, and others who are committed to making Somerset County a healthy place to live and work.

How is Healthier Somerset funded?

Healthier Somerset is funded by partnership fees and sponsorships from public and private sector organizations. Grants are secured to fund specific Healthier Somerset program activities. The Somerset Healthcare Foundation serves as as the agency of record for Healthier Somerset.

Is there a membership fee?

Healthier Somerset partners pay an annual fee of $100 as an indication of their support and commitment to our goals. Nonprofit groups may request a waiver of the fee.  All are welcome to participate in Healthier Somerset and organizations may choose to engage without full partner benefits.